Nouns Studio1

We're building the world's largest open source brand.

Nouns are lovable pixelated characters that live on the Ethereum blockchain. One new Noun is automatically created every day, forever. Nouns are a community, a brand, and best of all, an open source platform that anyone can build on, even for profit.

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Enterprising artists and programmers are already building on Nouns. We created Studio1 to help traditional media companies join the fun. From comics and games, to toys and movies, Nouns Studio1 helps your organization build with Nouns.

The Nouns community has aggregated $60,000,000 and counting since the inception of the project, proving definitively that open source content is a viable business model. With a large part of the Nouns treasury earmarked to fund Nouns-themed content production, start thinking about how your company can build with Nouns.

Meet David Horvath

At the helm of Studio1 is David Horvath, an industry veteran with 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of blockchain-based, open-source IP.  

David is the co-creator of Uglydoll and Bossy Bear, and has spent a career producing toys, feature films, and more.

Talk to David about Nouns

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Thanks to the incentives introduced by web3 and non-fungible tokens, content can now be proliferated instead of protected. If you want to learn more about Nouns, chat with David Horvath or visit